Friday, March 20, 2009


After my trip to Puerto Rico, I played softball the same day I got back.
I felt good.
I was happy.
I was reunited with my dog and friends.
The softball season was here.
Hell both the MLB and the Fantasy Baseball season were almost here.
Funny that I mention Hell, one of my favorite pieces of literature in High School, (back in the days when I actually read), was Dante's Inferno.
Now why the fuck am I bring up Dante's Inferno in a softball blog.
Besides the fact that I am a wack job, when I was young I liked this piece of literature b/c I admired the writer's, Dante Alighieri, originality.
Most people think of hell as a place that's hot and you burn for your sins.
He thought differently, and that caught my attention.
He broke down hell into 9 Circles.
The 9th Circle was the worse according to Dante, that's were they sent Traitors.
No one likes a Rat I guess.
All of the sinners punished in this circle were tortured with ice.
To him Hell was Cold and soon after I got back from Puerto Rico I could relate.
I was scheduled to play in a huge 20 team modified tournament in Pelham and was excited about the event.
However, as the weak wore on I felt worn down, sleepy, sore all over, I was experiencing flu symptoms.
Except I had too many stubborn fool symptoms in me to rest.
I decided to try and "get through it" and sweat it out.
Big Mistake.
The Night before the game I woke up at 2 AM freezing.
I was shaky and shivering in bitter cold, but at the same time I was sweating bullets.
I had entered Dante's Inferno.
I had the Real Deal Flu.
I felt like a straight up crack head.
I swear to God I looked like Chris Rick in New Jack City when he played the legendary crackhead Pookie.
One Minute Normal
The next a mess

This was total loss. I couldn't play softball. I couldn't play in a Poker tournament scheduled for that night
I couldn't drink on St Patrick's Day. I was sick as a dog with The goddamn FLU.
This was Hell.
I had just experienced March Madness - one minute the thrill of happiness and hope, and then I was thrown into the Flu Chamber of Hell.
My next 3 days consisted of sleep, staring at the ceiling, turning left, turning right, taking drugs, waiting, sweating, shivering, and lying in bed bored out of my fucking mind.
Anyway, thanks to my family they nursed my back to health and I am almost 100%.
March Madness

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