Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm a Met fan and I hate the Yankees, but even the most hardcore Met fan knows
that Yankee legend Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer of all time.

The effortless motion, the late movement with his cutter, the composure, the endless number of clutch championship performances.
What makes it even more amazing is the guy is quiet, skinny, humble, and really looks more like a local bodega owner than a ballplayer.

He wants to be a preacher or something religious like that when he retires. Unreal

Well, softball has a version of Mariano Rivera and his name is Caquito.
The guy is the real deal!!!!
He just flat out brings it and like Mariano he looks like some little bodega store owner.
For years I have heard nothing but praise regarding Caquito and for once the hype was right on the money.
He throws fast, I mean really fast.
Has outstanding control and command on both sides of the plate.
His riser not only "rises" but also bites in and out extremely hard.
His change up is lethal.
The guy is fucking awesome and oh yeah he is a 100% legal modified pitcher.

The rumors are that he lives in the Dominican Republic in the winter and gets paid to pitch in NYC from April through October. He's that good.


Caquito, softball's version of Mariano Rivera is simply excellent.


  1. I bet he doesent play for Ricks team..rick is too cheap