Monday, October 13, 2008


Inwood Fall Softball has been around ten years.
It's been an excellent run, but the handwriting is on the wall that the end is near.

Top Ten Reasons Inwood Fall Softball may be coming to an end

10. We're a small mom and pop softball league, Big Softball business like Fat Freddy and CJ's league are wiping us out and their is no government bailout plan to save us.
9. Retards who attack umpires and start fight make the league no fun to run.
8. 3 Rain outs this year - Softball gods are telling us to get out
7. Bi-Annual Knockout team - talented but draining
6. Chelo is becoming too expensive and belligerent to deal with much less understand
5. People can't pay their league fees on time and we waste all our time trying to shake them down. Dealing with excuse after excuse is disrespectful, annoying and childish
4. Gentrification - the 96th street barrier has slowly been extending uptown over the years. It's only a matter of time before the Inwood field permits are revoked. The fields will be replaced with picnickers sipping wine and eating cheese.
3. Sick of people getting psycho on us complaining about bullshit we have no control over like the weather, an umpires call, etc.
2. It's hard to get good umps. The overall quality of the umpiring has been down this year due to various reasons specifically the one umpire format.

and the Number One Reasons Inwood Fall Softball may be coming to an end

1. All the Above


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