Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All that and a Bag of Bomber Chips

The ghetto saying goes "I'm all that and a bag of Chips",

well yesterday my team the Bombers felt that way as we Won The Championship on Central Park's Great Lawn in the NY Fast Pitch League.

  • We didn't win any real money.
  • We didn't win any out of style jackets
  • We didn't win any dust collecting Trophies like MLB's World Series trophy

What we won is Satisfaction and a Sense of Accomplishment/Pride that we outlasted the greatest pitcher in softball Caquito in a 3 game series.

Don't get me wrong Caquito was magnificent in the series. he single handily carried his team throughout the 3 games.

  • Game One was a 9 inning classic in which Caquito struck out about 15 batters and we found a way to win 1-0.
  • Game Two was another classic as we managed only one hit yet rallied from a 2-0 deficit to tie the game and force extra innings only to lose 3-2.
  • Game Three was amazing as we got key two out hits in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd inning to build an insurmountable 5-0 lead after 3 and 1/2 innings.
The one downer throughout was that all the games were never finished in one day due to darkness so the constant continuations were annoying.This was highlighted in game 3 as Weintraub ( our opponent), perhaps sensing defeat b/c they trailed 5-0, only fielded 8 players and had no Caquito making the last 3 innings anti-climatic and sort of meaningless.

Nonetheless, this Bomber team did truly earn the Championship as evidence by scoring 5 runs off the best legal modified pitcher in softball in a Do or Die situation .I found this Bomber team gratifying to play on for a variety of reasons the biggest of which was that while we had the best team we were not a sure thing to win it all. I had won the Championship two years in a row in this league while playing on a excellent Lawyertime team led by Softball Studs, Simon, Lou 22, Elvis, Castillo, Cabezza, etc.There was no way we were losing this league.

No way.

The Bombers had an excellent blend of young talent and unselfish gritty veterans that got the job done.I am very proud of this team and everyone on it.


PS Of course I am writing a Top Ten about the Bombers Championship

Top Ten Reasons the Bombers Won the NYC Fast Pitch Great Lawn League

10. We were the only losers that could field 9 guys at ridiculously early 5:30 games that only lasted 3 1/3 innings in October.

9. Andy Santana- excellent player and GM - A Shout out to all the Santana bothers!!!

8. Lawyertime was not in the league - I ain't gonna lie it made it easier

7. Caquito was literally a one man show in the Chip - thank god that he didn't get any help or we would have been toast

6. Defense - best in the league

5, Sito - Simply a Beast on both sides of the ball.

True impact player and one of the best SS in all of softball.

4. Leadership - The Bombers version of Obama was Anthony - great guy great attitude

3. John Rosenmiller smoked his cigarettes away from all his teammates and avoided giving them second hand smoke

2.Teammates avoided jail by not killing obnoxious Ricky.

and the Number One Reasons the Bombers Won the NYC Fast Pitch Great Lawn League

1. We deserved it. Holler!!!!!!!!!

On a side note this is the only chip I have won this year.It ain't easy winning when you didn't play with Castillo or Lou 22 this year.


  1. your the only person that i have ever heard utter a good word about that kid! hes the worst teamate ever in the history of teamates! yeah hes a pretty good hitter,but whats his defensive position? he dont have one cause hes horrible on the field! and he's got the worst attitude ive ever seen. ricky please stop talking this kid up! im losing respect for you everytime i hear it! youve been around a long time and i think you know good ballplayers. hes not one of them! could never play on one of our teams! let alone contribute to a championship!!! good riddance JC superstar!!!

  2. when did choice parts finally beat contact? when they got rid of JC superstar!!! nuff said!

    by the way congrats on your chip! thats pretty impressive beating caquito in a series!!!

  3. Castillo (the cancer) was only on Lawyer Time for 2 of the 6 chips. LT would've won regardless if he was on the team or not. The only reason you were on the team is because we needed a forfeit avoider. Hey Rick, let Castillo put his cock back in your hoster where it belongs.

  4. Well, LT wasn't going to win this year. The difference between LT and the Bombers is that all of the Bomber's players make games to qualify for the playoffs. A little bit of better managing and there's no way LT will beat the Bombers. Word around the Field, LT didn't have enough funds to keep certain players.

  5. The Bombers couldn't beat LT on their worst day. You should be thanking LT for letting some other team have a chance to win it.

  6. Fat Edgar fear is something that lives in you when you hear the name. JOHNNY CASTILLO only an ignorant racist person like you can think of me as a cancer. You gonna get yours............