Monday, October 6, 2008

I WON'T BE IGNORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The legendary movie "Fatal attraction" has become a household term for love turned to murderous obsession.

Well the love of Softball can turn into an obsession and last Sunday I fear my friend and Exalted Ruler of Highlander Nation Dio Jackson crossed over and experienced Softball Fatal Attraction

In the movie it all started innocently over drinks as married man Michael Douglas met a 1980's houchie played by Glen Close, and they got busy.

Well in Inwood it all started innocently as well Rick, Blonde, and Dio were Good Friends enjoying many special moments such as the Highlanders epic 2005 Championship win over Inwood Dynasty West.

In the movie Fatal Attraction Michael Douglas had to tell Glenn close that it was over b/c he loved his wife and family and couldn't go on living a lie.
Glenn didn't take the news that well and started acting weird and psychotic!!!
Blurting out her legendary "I WON'T BE IGNORED!!!" quote

Well in the first 5 weeks of Inwood this year we have experienced 3 disappointing rain outs.
Each week we had to tell the managers that the games were cancelled and most took it in stride all except for Dio.

Over the years Dio has always been well ... let's say unique.
For example, his softball obsession spills over to reality every year as he dress up for Halloween every year.

But this last unexpected rain out sent him over the edge.

Top Ten Reason Dio Turned into softball Fatal Attraction Version of Glenn Close last week

10. He had to stay home and pack all day instead - brutal - double punishment
9. He was Upset that his lookalike hero Ozzie Guillen team the White Sox were eliminated from the MLB playoffs and vented

8. Thinks Blonde is Jesus Christ and Rick is his apostle and is disappointed that we can't make miracles like part the waters on sunken fields so that games can go on
7. Wanted to get his Goon on
6. Frustration
5. Dio is going to dress as Glenn Close for Halloween and is just practicing his part.
He even is going to get the bad perm.

Further upsetting Dio was the he offered the role of Michael Douglass to John Sheppard, but John told him fuck off psycho!!! This sent Dio into an uncontrollable rage.

4. He was very upset that he wasn't going to be able to get his Inwood Bar Fly on!!!!
3. Didn't want to be treated like just another manager.
Just another cheap thrill.
Just another league fee.
So bombarded the league with phone calls and text messages that resembled a stalking jilted ex-lover and he "WASN'T GOING TO BE IGNORED!!!!!!"
2. It was 8AM on a Sunday morning and Rick/Juan were the only retards hat he could vent on

and the number one Reason Dio Turned into softball Fatal Attraction Version of Glenn Close last week

1. No lineups to write.
No speeches.
No arguments.
Softball is more than just game to him. Much more




  2. A thing of beauty!!!