Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trading Deadline

July 31st is the Trading deadline - the last day players from an MLB team can be dealt from one team to another.
In softball players are rarely if ever traded, but if they were what would be some interesting trades:
Top Ten Softball Trades that might be made
10. Cedric traded by Bob - never - Bob would trade Cedric for …..
9. John Brown traded by Choice Parts - never Rosenmiller would rather be castrated than lose his slinger up his sleeve
8. RR - name the team - Gallagher's Cardinals, Lawertime - they would dump Rick for a bag of used clinchers softballs
7. Edgar Gonzalez Jr for West for Gilberto - Edgar Jr is like a brother to these guys - In the old days this blockbuster would never happen but now a days, I'm not so sure -
6. Gubi for John Castillo - Love-Hate Relationship between these two makes this an interesting and potentially very funny trade.
5. Loafers trade Castillo for David Ortiz, Manny Rameriz and Derek Jeter - Never - Loafers are one of the few teams where John can do nothing wrong

4. Jimmy Bitros trades Vladimir - In a minute - Only thing saving kuku Vlad is that Jimmy can't pith every game anymore
3. Freddy Suarez for Fran - stud pitchers traded for one another - Freddy would block this trade if he wasn't promised free Coors light every weeekend
2. Rick trades Jose Carrion for someone with a brain and half the talent - The bog winner in this deal would be all the girls Jose wouldn't harass while riding in Rick's car

And the Number One Softball Trades that might be made
1. Dio Jackson trades West players - Never!! Never!!!! Never!!!!! West Lover!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. bonnie and an old XXX vhs for alfredo and clem

    morty for al

    jerry and a 2x4 for ronnie and a glass pipe

    stevie jimenez from the cheifs to garbage for the guy with the purple pants.

    drunken Lou for gunny's empty cans of coors