Friday, December 9, 2016

Top Ten Top 10th

Five years ago I asked for a lifetime extension and five years later (damn that went Quick.. Real Quick)
I'm still under contract and going stronger than ever as December 9th marks my 10 Year Wedding Anniversary 

so what better day for the Return of the Top Ten

Top Ten Top 10th Wedding Anniversary Memories I have with Astrid

10. You loving me for all my flaws. I ain't exactly a Saint. Far from it. Thank you for putting up with all my shit.

9. Massive Support given to me during unemployment, slumps, and sickness. Especially Slumps. "For Better or Worse". You Never got our of dodge. Like Method Man and Mary sang "You're All I Need"

8. Halloween  - Ronda Favorite Holiday is Halloween - We weird like that

7. When you got sick just before Girls baptism in June 2014. That was Scary ... can't do this without you

Need a little luck sometimes

6. Letting me play softball.

Softball has saved our marriage sometimes

5. Moving to NY to be with me. Huge Sacrifice .. True Love.....Not easy for a Patriot fan

Hope They Still lose

 4a. The News that you were pregnant.

, but was still very surprised about Twins

 and of course, pumped up

How happy we all were

4b and how you tricked me teh 2nd time around about having a boy... RESPECT!

3/2/1 The Kids.. duhhhh ...Alexandra Caley and Julian 

Amazing Mom

10 years! Crazy.. goes quick, Real Quick,,,, Best Move I ever made

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  1. Beautiful! I am very thankful to have you in my life. It's been an exciting 10 years with babies and many challenges, but we hung in there like warriors. You are a true soulmate, my love and my rock!! Love, Flaca