Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Insider 2.0 SB ... Day Time Dramas

New Years Eve is 10 days away but I ain't waiting for the New Year to launch a 2.0 (two point oh)better version of the insider.To get better, it's simple. time to write again.. and squash the rumors that the insider is finished. I'm going to write till the big game is over and seeing that I'm writing this blog in the middle of a workday when many daytime soap operas are playing it seems appropriate that I write about another form of daytime drama.

During the spring and summer weekday 9-5 working hours softball is played in Central park that closely resembles 2 all time Soap Operas

Press League Wednesday afternoons: Theme: Days of our Lives

Like Sands in the Hour glass, 4 time champion New York Times Softball Club has dominated.  Until 2016. 

In the Championship,  Times pitcher Michael Peckins would escape from early trouble and then in the ensuing bottom of the the 1st inning the Times would be the beneficiary of a 4 runs--- thanks to a few egregious defense lapses by a usually sound Equity News Team. 

Equity's Manager Jonathan Libman would keep his cool and repeatedly remind the team that "we were going to give up runs today - better to do so early than late - let's keep the pressure on them and we'll go for the late round knockout. Oh yeah, and If you are having doubts then just focus on how good it'll feel at the end when we win, cause that's all I wanna hear."

Equity News later scratched a run with their signature aggressive base running and then in the top of the 7th inning Equity News would plate 2 more runs on a opposite field frozen rope off of Cano's bat but the Times were able to escape still with the slimmest of 4-3 leads.  

In the 8th Inning the veterans who had tasted victory against the Times as members of The New York Post were due up. Key singles by Joel Ortiz and Jonathan "Jesus" Libman 

and a walk by Isaac Woofter loaded the bases for Ryan Montgomery who had popped up to the pitcher in his previous at bat.

But those of you who know Ryan...

he never shies away from the moment. BOOOYAAAA! 
Ryan would electrify the entire park as he would hit a no doubt about it Grand Slam and the comeback was complete.

Equity News dethroned the 4 time champion NY Times with 8 unanswered runs in dramatic fashion.MVP honors would go to pitcher Frank Usamanont who who gutted out the hard earned victory against such a formidable opponent.This a defining moment for every player who has ever played for Equity News

The insider gives a special shout out to manager John Libman. He puts his heart into softball for himself, teammates, and friends. He's even rooted for me in years where he's lost to me in earlier rounds of the playoffs. True Class

P.S. Been waiting years to put the Jesus joke on teh blog.

We continue with the Daytime drama theme with:
The Broadway Show League: Daytime Drama Theme: All My Children

Old School Tuesday has been a very good team that for many years thst just couldn't win a championship:

2012 - Crushed by Peckins Team - I missed that for work
2013 - Crushed by Fireman - I missed that for work
2014 - Imploded vs Fireman - Brutal Loss Fucking Brutal
2015 - Heart breaker to McHales - Pathetic

Good thing this team played in the Broadway Show league as it always had drama and I usually was caught in the middle of it (Drama Queen, better than drag queen I guess). The drama continued until the bottom of the 8th of the championship where with 2 outs and the bases loaded we took advantage of an error to score 4 runs out of nowhere to take a 8-7 lead that we hung on to.

Like a Proud parent All my Children

  had finally brought the championship home.

Afterwards, I had to Show the Old School some love also

Who says Soap Operas are garbage? Not in Softball. Weekday Softball is so much fun.

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  1. Wait you mean to tell me that THE Mike Peckins (Pulitzer Prize winner and outstanding leading man on Broadway) ALSO plays softball for the Gray Lady and the Emmy winning show Old School? Tremendous!