Thursday, October 8, 2015

Inwood Vibe 2015

Inwood   has had setbacks this fall:
  • Fewer teams
  • One fewer Sunday to play in because Labor Day was late this year
  • Two frustrating Rain outs
The league hasn't quite been buried under a landslide, but it's not exactly at the top of the fall softball mountain anymore. After all we are all getting older, but the SB love remains.

This week the feature match up is between 2011 Morning Champion Sandlot (5-1) versus Inwood's version of always a bridesmaid never a bride Hell's Kitchen "HK" (5-0)

Inwood has had many great teams - West, Highlanders, Westlanders, Phillies, Knockout, Bizcocheros but it has never had an undefeated team.. At 5-0 HK's is off to a fast start.. Let explore the Secret of HK's success.

Top Ten Reasons HK is undefeated in Inwood  

10. Rick makes the Schedule

9. They played three teams who all had 1-4 records. Two Rained out weekends have skewed the standings

8. Playing all early games gives them access to fresh pastelitos and pastels.Which improves performance and energy. 

7. LEADERSHIP - Mr. Bill – The Apprentice

6. They haven’t played Chelsea, Sandlot, Bizcocheros, etc yet

5. Softball Gods Reward Rick for organizing the “B/C it’s more than just a Game Charity Tournament" 

You don't have to play in the tournament to be an impact player. Anyone can contribute, $10, $20, $25,,, whatever you can afford here. No judgements. You can keep your donate amount private.

… you knew I had to get that Shameless plug in there

4. Why not? If The Mets can make MLB playoffs anything can happen

3. Less is More – Old school, Wolfpack, Scappers are all out of the league this year

2. Young Players - Albie, Gil Jr, Christian.. New School

and the Number One Reason HK is 5-0

1.  Luck

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