Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Less is More

For those suffering from championship lag :

and more importantly for the hardcore softball lifers out there has been updated as Inwood Fall Ball 2015 is back.

This year the motto is Less is More, we "only" have 8 teams , 
  • Chelsea - with many players from the 01',02',03'04',05',08',09', 11' Champion West, Highlanders, Westlander, Hustlers squads
  • Bizcocheros - 2013 Champion
  • Sandlot - 2011 Champion
  • Plus perennial Playoff Teams - Kings, Tigers, Brew Crew, Chaos, and Hell Kitchen that will all be highly competitive.
all 8 Love playing ball in Inwood and at the end of the season that will be the most important thing. The Top 7 teams will make the playoffs this year with the #1 seed getting a 1st round bye.

I didn't all out recruit this year. It's all good. Less is More.

As an fyi: Very Important this year we have the following new rules effective for the 2015 season

Note :Effective 2015 -

  1. Pitching Rule - to qualify as a pitcher for the playoffs a pitcher must pitch 21 regular season innings (2/3 of an inning counts as 1 inning). If during the playoffs an injury or absentee situation occurs, then a pitcher/player who has not thrown 21 regular season inning can only be used if approved by both the league and other manager prior to the playoffs.
  2. An umpire must ask the home team to take the field when they have 8 players there at Forfeit Time.
  3. Final Roster Size is 25.
  4. Rosters must be completed by the eighth game of the regular season
  5. You must have at least eight (8) players to start a game.
  6. The EH is allowed to play the field.
  7. Courtesy runner is the last batter to hit into an out. If it is the 1st inning and there are no outs then the last batter in lineup with out a runner must run.

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