Monday, October 26, 2015

There Still Good Inside SB

I am a huge Star Wars fan and like Darth Vadar,

Softball has a dark side. I have fallen to it and the conflict, but deep down I know the good is stronger. Hell many people say Softball is dead and bad.But on Saturday October 17th the the"B/C It's "More Than Just a Game" Cancer Charity Tournament" proved

"There is still good in the Softball. We sometimes forget it, but there is still good"

We raised $5,520 (waiting on $300 from Con Ed Company match)

But the good did not stop there, Jason Yadoff raised

an additional $1,186 on his own personal page.  

That's a total of $6,706. 

There is Still Good Inside of Softball

In The Star Wars Movies the Origin of Darth Vadar was told and so it is only fitting that the original of the Man who inspired this event be revealed

I couldn't do this event without Dio,

 for all of you who hate him -Know this-There is good inside him

Teams enjoyed this event as brothers bonded and revealed their true source of inspiration
Shout Out To Classy RC Pirates

RC PIrates - Class Act - They have the Love


The Man

The Alliance

While everyone off the field was a winner at this event, the on the field winner was the

Undefeated 5-0 Pocono Pirates

Who were classy and talented Champions

There is still good in softball. May The Force Be With You (so corny yet cool). 

Stop Cancer

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