Monday, July 13, 2015

MMM - "Cliches"

"Taking a page" ("cliche") from "Monday Morning Quarterback" ("cliche"), today I am starting "a new lease on life" ("cliche") feature called Monday Morning Manager "MMM". Today's MMM's is on Cliches that manager's all deal with each and everyday. 

Cliches are commonly used phrases or sayings that speak a certain truth or wisdom. Like anything else cliches can be corny and overused so "while two wrongs don't make a right" ("cliche") they can often be worth a "bird in the hand" ("cliche") and "at the end of the day" ("cliche ") are a part of every managers existence. 

Now I know it's not morning anymore, at least this blog is "Better Late Than Never" ("cliche") so without further cliche ado 

Top Ten Cliches that every MMM experiences on Sunday

10. "The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts"? 

Stats, Talent, Reputation, Desire, Ego, Confidence are all important, but you have to somehow find a way to add them all together to make a team that is greater than it seems on paper. In other words, teamwork. People working together are able to do more work when their individual efforts and talents are added together.

Easier said than done.

Why? - Stats, Talent, Reputation, Desire, Ego, Confidence

It's a "Catch 22" ("cliche")

9. “You only hurt the ones you love” 

Players you love will:

  • get mad at you,
  • yell at you,
  • turn on you.
  • lash out at you,
  • hate you and 
  • vise versa - you will do it to them. 
It good to be the player hard to be the MMM. Deal With It.

8. Stick to your guns 

It's good to get options, but "at the end of the day" ("cliche" "cliche") "Trust your Gut" ("cliche"). Everyone thinks they know better but you are the one with the right to make the right choices. Sometimes it has to feel right to be right. Have Trust Confidence and Conviction in your self. It will make MMM easier the next day.

7. Be Kind to the People you meet on the way up the ladder to success, they will be the same people who see on the way down.

"Karma is a Bitch" ("cliche"). Be humble.

6.You are only as Strong as your Weakest Link 

  • I've been and seen the supposed last guy on a team win numerous games many times times. 
  • It's easy "to shit on" ("cliche") your "quote unquote" ("cliche") worst guy.
  • Never have anyone on your team that can't do their role. 
  • Show love it can pay bog dividends ("cliche")
5. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Ignore Ignore Ignore - goon fans, players, umps. whatever, As Biggie Small rapped 

"Never let 'em know your next move. Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence and violence

4. Yank your chain

Remember which players said "Yeah I will be there" and didn't show

Fuck them

3. See the Big Picture/ See the whole field

Always remind yourself what is the End Game ('cliche")
Sometimes the best move is a non move and vice versa.

2  Between a rock and a hard place

It is What it Is" ("cliche") - You make hard choices like playing time, loyalty, confidence, match ups. Somebody fucking has to!!!!!!!! Consider cliches 10 thru 3 above when doing so and as Spike Lee said "Do The Right Thing" ("cliche")
and the #1 Cliches that every MMM experiences on Sunday

1. "Light at the End of the Tunnel"

As detailed in this OG classic blog "Train Ride"  the season is a long dark tunnel and all your passenger players just want to get home safely. Get them there.

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