Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Martin Josefski was a softball lifer.

He passed away over this last weekend from an apparent heart attack.As unique a character as any you'll ever run across, Martin was a fierce competitor who loved the game and every league in which he played. And they numbered quite a few.
2011 Turtle Rock Champions - Martin Standing Far right

The Insider and Martin may have clashed, but that's irrelevant and so meaningless now as your love for the game was undeniable and deserves respect.

Rest in Peace, Martin.


  1. Hard to believe my doppelganger in the outfield is gone.

  2. r.i.p. martin. i will miss you.

  3. It has been hard for me to come to terms with this loss. Martin not only played with Turtle Rock for more than a decade and was an important cog in our championship season, he was a true friend and I know I will not have another friend like him in my lifetime — for if nothing else, Martin was a truly unique and inimitable human being.

    But there was a lot more to Martin than his enthusiastic style of play (which rewarded his teams with surprising dividends and occasional heartbreak). Martin was also an artist and with a camera in his hand he often made magic. He was also a music lover and supporter of his musical friends and a knowledgeable appreciator of art and photography.

    What mostly made him dear to me was his tender and compassionate heart, which lay just a millimeter beneath his sometimes cantankerous skin. And I know for certain, if Martin counted you as his friend and you needed help, he would give you his shirt, his shoes, his hat — the full Monty.

    Like often between friends, we sometimes had disagreements, especially about softball strategy (omg). But those spats were never more than a conversation and a handshake (or a bowl) from being forgotten. Martin did not hold grudges but true friendship was something that was near sacred to him.

    It will be hard to step onto the field knowing he is not out there in RC. Even an old atheist like me somehow hopes that there is now a lush green outfield for Martin to roam and a crisply drawn batter's box for him to crouch down in, with a runner perched on second base, looking to drive that pitch the other way and take second on the throw home.

    You're home, Martin.


    PS. Thanks RR, for giving Martin a space here on the blog where softball is more than just a game. It certainly was to him.

  4. Nice , Tom , very nice .