Monday, January 26, 2015

State of Emergency

New York/New Jersey is in a

as the Weather Sucks ass right now

This is weather what killed dinosaurs and made Caveman invent fire. It's miserable and flat out dangerous out there. It's a State of Emergency. Time to shut down, batten the hatches, and think ...... Softball. Of Course.

Thanks to years and years of perpetual Recidivism like behavior The Big Apple League  faces it own State of Emergency. The irresistible and harsh force of Softball Mother Nature has unleashed it's fury in the form of dwindling membership and has forced the league to adjust. Otherwise, like the dinosaur it will face extinction.

It took a while, but give the league credit for trying to survive  and I am working with Jeff, Jimmy, Rosenmiller to help save it.

There is a plan. There is hope.

The Idea: 2 Divisions:

    (1) Classic league. - The "A" division will have teams that include the A pitchers that have pitched for the past several seasons.

    (2) The Modified "M" division. A ban list will be created and ONLY pitchers that meet the strictest modified pitching guidelines will be allowed to throw. This is not final. Some names will be added. Some could be removed. It will all be decided before the season starts.

    Who will be deicing the pitching in the M league?



    Deal with it.

    I will make good moves.

    I will make mistakes. 

    Bottom Line: I am probably the only sucker that will subject himself to such petty hate and drama because I wanna play and save the league. It's worth saving.

    Work with me.

    I will have final say on how the modified pitching rules apply and on the ban list in the "M" league. I will have in season help in deciding new pitchers.

    What is my modified criteria? See below
    • Pitchers must have one foot on the plate at the start of wind-up.
    • Lifting of a foot from the pitching rubber and stepping back onto the rubber is considered to be rocking, and is illegal. Your first move must be forward
    • The ball must not be outside the pitcher’s wrist on the downward motion and during the complete forward delivery. Pitchers arm or wrist may not be cocked at anytime during the wind up.
    • Pitcher cannot open up shoulders and hip in motion. In other words, be parallel or near parallel to the baselines.
    • Pitcher's arm "cannot be wide"on release. Details to follow.
    • The arm may only go as high as the head on the back swing.
    • The pitcher may take the ball behind the back on the back swing.
    • The shoulders and driving hip must be squared to home plate when the ball is released.
    • On the forward swing of the pitching arm, the elbow must be locked at point of release.
    • The release of the ball must be on the first forward swing of the pitching arm past the hip.
    That's it. No more. No less. Work with me.

    In addition, the league has lowered the league fee, which will now likely be at or below $1,000. Very reasonable considering the venue and length of season (24+ games). Good move

    We are trying to retain core teams, recycle old teams, and recruit new teams. We are also not dumping the A "Classic" league . Many players love competing in this environment. Recruiting at this level is a challenge. The goal is to build two strong divisions.

    If you know of a former team or a new squad that wants to return to either league please let us know (see below). The Meeting is Sunday, Feb. 22 from  2-6pm at  40 West 72nd St (Bancroft Bldg) 1st floor community room--check at front desk to find it. Mention Jorge Gonzalez who reserved the room.

    We are not out of the Emergency, but a recovery is possible with help.

    Please contact me at or Jeff Marcus at

    Holler Back!!!!!


    1. What will the rules be for these two leagues, And B. Will they play each other? With they play each other in a final championship game???

    2. We will address those issues at the meeting. You should attend.

    3. there is not enough good pitching to have an A league. Should scrap that and just have a M league.

    4. This league has evolved from reverent to irrelevant. Nice job, guys...

    5. et's be real. This league was forever messed up by the very same people that now want to be reformers? What does adding a B division accomplish, other than to preserve precious field permits? You still have essentially two small leagues totally unrelated to each other except in name only. It's great that some people want to play "at the highest level." What that actually means is a few teams with 2 or 3 standout players and a handful of good ones + a pitcher that few people can hit with consistency. All in the name of "competition" when it turns out that this league has had the dirtiest recruiting and rule-bending for a long time. AAA rules specifically prohibit the payment of players, yet that's pretty much an open (not so) secret that teams who want to win the trophy pay pitchers and sometimes "stud" players. At this point, the decision has been made - any pitching of any sort goes. That's fine I guess for the people who want that. It's just that it led to the ruination of what was once the best all-around league in Manhattan, maybe anywhere. Several long-term rivalries obliterated to the point of teams dropping out for good. Many solid ballplayers who wanted a chance than to do better than go 1-8 on a Sunday afternoon have left for greener pastures. What a shame. Adding another division is just putting lipstick on a pig. Even if you went back to the way it was, who knows if any of the valuable teams who dropped out will even come back. At this point, the deal with the devil has been made and set in stone. It has attracted numerous mercenaries who want to play against "the best" but in reality those mercenaries will abandon ship when the next better deal comes around from some other league. When you have a handful of teams loaded with mercenaries or people not as invested in the league as the ones who dropped out, beware of the consequences when you find yourselves with 3 teams in the near future. I have experienced this in other leagues. The best part of BASL is that is has survived so long and has so many long-time players. You think that's going to continue under this format? If so, I have a bridge to sell you...I, for one, am really bummed out at having lost my favorite past-time in my favorite place. Things change but this league's direction is one change many of us could have lived without, as evidenced by the loss of many solid teams over the past 6 years or so. Congratulations.

      1. i agree! Wish i knew who i was agreeing with though!


    6. Man Mr. Anonymous who left last comment is a real Debbie Downer. Cheer up dude. The league will be way better this year. There is hope,

    7. Rick,you will be in lots of people shit list. dont mess with brown.

    8. what i wanna know? how come no awards party this year??? too expensive? To me thats a huge Red flag that this league is gasping its last few breaths unless something is done boys and girls. ANG HK11