Friday, February 27, 2015

Sad Insider wishes you ...Peace and Long Life....Live Long and Prosper ... like his main man

Today Leonard Nimoy, Actor, Director, and 'Star Trek' Icon, Died at 83.

Yeah, I know another obituary. Sucks.

I will put out a softball and life blog this weekend, but today as a lifelong Star Trek nerd I just wanted to honor my favorite character/actor the best way I know how and wish you all

"Peace and Long Life and Live Long and Prosper"

Mr Spock Will Be Missed

Life is too short. Make it count. See you out there on the field soon.

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  1. We are fans, my daughter Emily and I, of the entire Star Trek universe. We have thrilled to Capt. Janeway's adventures and Picard and crew, not to omit Captain Archer and his lovable band of space jockeys. But Spock... well he has a special place in our hearts and minds. And therefore, so does Leonard.

    Emily wept when she heard the news today... and wrote this on Facebook. I asked her if I could repost it here:

    When they announced that Leonard Nimoy had died on the radio today, there was a minute where I thought that he would simply be brought back to life again, as if this were the Search for Spock. Realizing that that wouldn't happen brought me to tears. It made me think about the finality of death in the real world. I spend a lot of time reading sci fi and fantasy books to escape that finality. Life seems less worrisome when you can come back to life in the sequel. But this isn't a fantasy, and death is completely final. Knowing this, I really admire the breadth of Leonard Nimoy's career; not only embodying an iconic character, he was also an artist and a writer, along with many other things. He filled his entire life up with eclectic works, and knowing that we only get one life, we should all follow his example and get as much out of it as we possibly can. R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, you have lived long and prospered.