Monday, November 10, 2014

Inwood Vibe: SB Celebrities go A96 for the Semi-Finals

The weather was Awesome yesterday in Inwood Hill Park and even though the games were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy above 96th street there were several below 96 "B96" Softball Celebrity and Legends on hand to witness the action at field side.

Big Marty and Enrique Perdomo take In the Inwood Vibe

as did John "Glue" Rosenmiller

Inwood Semi Finals

WolkPack vs Hell's Kitchen

Game 1: HK Ace Bennett got a one run lead and

 made it stick throwing a 1-0 shutout.

Game 2: Wolfpack roared pack to score 7 tuns and force a game 3

Game 3: Inwood Legend Nelson

handed the ball to follow Inwood Legend Georgie "Twinkle Toes" Martinez

George Jet hat was good Karma for both the Real Jets and Wolfpack as he had a shutout early and joined us for an in game interview

soon thereafter another Inwood Legend Wil

hit a booming triple to left center to build a 4-0 lead and George went back to work.

and had a shutout until 2 outs in the seventh when HK broke thru for 2 runs thanks to young Jose "Skywalker" Martinez triple to dead center. However George kept his composure got the 3rd out and  advanced to the final where the WolfPack will meet the winner of

Scrappers vs Old School

The Scrappers came into this series hoping to rise the momentum of a very competitive 1st round series win,

but Old School was
 all Business

all Hustle

all Clutch

all Ready

and advanced to the finals for the 3rd consecutive year with good Chemistry

Next Week Finals 

WolfPack vs. Old School 9 AM Field 2.

nuff said

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  1. I still know who the best is. And they are playing in this matchup.