Monday, November 10, 2014

Classy Bennett Avenue

I grew up on 44 Bennett Avenue in New York City

and ironically I got the following classy complement from Central Park Legend

Bennett Beckenstein

"I just want to thank Ricky and company for a tremendously run and greatly enjoyable Inwood fall league. I feel I've found a home here. Good vibes, the softball gods are pleased. Best of luck next week. Should be a great final."

Thank you Bennett

Sometimes me and Lochness ask "Why do we do this shit for a bunch of whiny ungrateful MF's" and then someone like you writes something like that.

Very classy.

You have the love


  1. Meant every word, amigo
    Just sad it's over for me.
    Thanks again for your passion for all this.

  2. Good man. Good pitcher.