Thursday, January 20, 2011

Try to get back to the Nexus...Goons of a Feather Flock Together

In sci-fi, The Nexus is an extra dimensional realm in which one's thoughts and desires shape reality. Inside the Nexus, time has no meaning, allowing one to visit any time and any place that one can imagine. It's like being inside Joy. It's the closet thing to Heaven without dying as you get everything your heart truly desires.

Once you've been to the Nexus you never want to leave. I mean why would you unless you had to? If somehow your forced to leave, then it becomes an obsession to somehow get back and you will do anything regardless of the consequences to return.

Last week, the goon Jets
and their loyal goon fans entered the NFL Nexus.

But the playoffs are far from over and we were forced to leave to play the Black and Yellow in the AFC Championship game this coming Sunday.

As Bart Scott said in my link above "CAN'T WAIT"!!!!!
Till then Jet fans will gather at another rally, this time in NY and try to
satisfy our obsession and get one step closer to our version of the Nexus.
Don't Stop Can't Stop Now. Can't Wait!!!

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