Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goon rally and loving it

Softball takes a major back burner as we are on the eve of the huge Jets-Patriots divisional playoff game. Today I was reminded that far too often in softball I am the first to act like or call out people as acting "Goonish". Meaning behavior that is rude, mean, demanding, loud, nasty, obnoxious, and unreasonable. All these adjectives for most part describe Jet fans like myselfHowever, everyone knows that at least Jet fans have a right to be goons b/c of our long suffering tradition of heart breaking losses. Today I bonded with my fellow Jet Goon Fans at a Jet playoff rally at the stadium. My first instinct was that this was going to be so wack and nerdy, but it was the exact opposite. It was actually a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!! I actually got to go on the field
and relived some of my Al Bundy like tackle football memories

The event was awesome for kids

as we got to groom our future Jet goonies

OK there were some corny sun tan saloon cheerleaders doing some jersey shore dance steps

but what really made the rally worthwhile were the old greats
and my main man #1 Jet Fan Fireman Ed (love that guy)

The time for talk is over. We know who the enemy isso now Let's Go Play Some Good Football and get one step closer to the promised land and erasing all these years of pain.
P.S. My wife is a huge Pats fans and for tomorrow we will be separated. Love her, but really want this one and I know if we play well we have a chance no matter what anyone says.


  1. J-E-T-S--Jets, Jets, Jets. Too much fun today Ricky.

    jack s.

  2. Hail to the chief goon , Mr. Ricky !

  3. Two more! - Chuck