Monday, February 1, 2010

Softball should learn from the Grammys

Last Night Grammys was an amazing show filled with many memorable performances
and special moments
While no one in Softball looks like ultimate eye candy Fergie
and the event is an ego filled showoff talent extravaganza/celebration there is something deeper to the event that we can all learn from, especially softball players. My favorite part of the show is new artist honoring and working with legends, yet still being able to shine.

A lot of younger players think they know more or run the show b/c they are stud performers. A great part about softball that I love is talking/learning from older guys who are part of the game. In fact one of the best most special parts of softball are Father-Son player combination. So all you young guys out there take time to learn from the old school and avoid the old cliche "That youth is wasted on the young"

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  1. Hey has anyone see Johnny C................