Wednesday, February 10, 2010

National Softball Letter of Intent Day

Recently a 13-year-old kid named David Sills made a verbal commitment to play football for USC and new coach Lane Kiffin. Man I thought calling someone in February to recruit them for softball was early. It appears it never too early to get players to sign a letter of commitment in the doggie dog cut throat world of recruiting.

It's no different in the gossip filled back stabbing ruthless softball recruiting season as managers, owners, sponsors, maniacs, ass kissers, or suckers (all names apply) are calling up players, bad mouthing other teams/managers, and making deals to strengthen/finalize their rosters for 2010. Eventually you as a player have to decide who where to play and when you decide on a new ball club you have to find the right way to tell your old team goodbye.

Top Ten Ways/Excuses/Lies/Tools to Use to Tell Your Old team Goodbye

10. Use any means as long as it is Way Ahead of Time - Don't be like Brett Favre and string a team along with ulterior motives or the softball gods will punish you like the football gods punished Brett in the NFC Championship game,when his team outplayed the eventual Super Bowl Champs Saints but still lost and left him full of pain and blame. Try and avoid Brett's fate by at least letting your old team know way ahead of time that you are moving on.
9/8. Text/Email - Cold and distant - Only do it when your too much of a wuss to do it face to face or if you know they won't care.
7. Face to Face - Man Up!!!!!! A must do if respect is an issue.
6. Phone Call - Acceptable but not as honorable as Face To Face
5. Let your new Manager tell him - Element of shock and betrayal will lead to some good games the following season but will probably cost you a friendship
4. Lie - give them "it's not you it's not me excuse "- That means its really your managing and team and I want out loser.
3. Lie again tell them "I just want to have Fun" - means the team your leaving sucks and the one your going to has a better chance to win
2. Financial Statement - If your good enough demand money or tell them your going to another team b/c they are sponsored.

and the #1 /Excuses/Lies/Tools to Use to Tell Your Old team Goodbye

1.Good Cause Excuse - Tell them your going to another team for a reason other than softball. For example help a friend, loyalty, family, honor, charity, or work related. By giving them a good noble reason your leaving they won't feel bad and your still get what you want. Double BOOMERANG Win!!!!!!!!!

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