Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday's all in one day Semi-Final and Championship day experience backfired big time on Knockout "KO" and The Trojans as they were crushed by Bonao and the Westlanders. Knockout did their best J Lo at the AMA's imitation,

as they completely fell on their ass. The only difference is J Lo's ass is a hell of a lot nicer too look at. KO is most likely done unless legendary captain Johnny Castillo, who celebrated his birthday Sunday, returns to live in Manhattan and save the team, otherwise we're done. Translation, KO is done.

Much more importantly, after easily deposing of the #1 seed Trojans, the Westlanders clearly Defined their Dynasty, as the team of the decade for , by completely dominating Bonao in a 8-1 and 4-0 series sweep.
(Writer's Note: has spelling issue, but thanks for the picture brother)
The Westlanders consist of two teams - West and Highlanders, and in the last 10 years they have won 7 championships.
Well earned and deserved gentleman. Their victory made the normally cranky Champions smile
and ready to celebrate
the conclusion of a truly fantastic 2009 softball campaign.
Westlander accomplishments in 2009 included:
(1) Making the Finals in the highly competitive Chelsea league
(2) Winning the Saturday Central Park Softball League Championship
(4) Standing up to cancer in another Jersey City Tournament
(5) Winning for the second season in a row where in game one of the finals, Westlanders Ace Franny Donovan went the distance and was backed up by battery mate Bobby Thompson who blasted a game clinching home run.
In game two, Andy Muldando (shown left below enjoying a beer) teamed with his brother Nellieto throw a complete game shutout and earn Series MVP honors. salutes Andy who used to run a team called La Familia in the league as he patiently waited his turn on the talented WL staff
and when he got his opportunity he was brilliant.
The League would also like to thank the Westlanders for reestablishing the fun and picture friendly Championship Belt tradition by creating/providing a new belt.
Again, congratulations gentleman.


  1. Gotta luv the guy on the phone in the team pic.

  2. Beer and weed can get lots of chips.

    Johnny castillo

  3. Great season guys.

  4. We miss you Johnny.
    Happy Birthday!
    This chips for you.


  5. LOL "Iwood" ;-)
    good catch, rick! i guess its a freudian slip from this ole hippy photog!