Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Wheels of Progress Are Turning

As a follow up to the instant classic posting :"Gross Negligence"

The parks department has responded as follows:

Parks & Recreation Manager #1 "I have copied the appropriate managers and Supervisors responsible."

Parks & Recreation Manager #2 (D10 & D11): "They have started working on that field over the weekend but will follow up."

 Insider response :
"Thank you so much.

Your professional attention to this serious matter is deeply appreciated.
I see xxxxxxxxx reponse is  very positive and encouraging. 

I will pass by the field tonight and take a look.

When is a realistic timetable for me to follow up or get a progress report? 

Again thank you so much this really means a lot. Great job."

As sad reminder this is what the field look like as of Saturday 1:30pm

and as a result this is what happened

No Justice No Peace

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