Monday, April 11, 2016

The Art of Softball

They say Hitting is an Art form

Well is softball the best artist I know is Ralph Serrano

and he is  leading a group of artist to beautify and create murals in poor neighborhoods and the historic zone in Arecibo and Santurce puerto rico...

The link to his project is :

Painting Paraiso: The PR Art Prjct

Your donations will help us immensely.... His project is self funded for teh following:

  • Paying out pocket for flights
  • Materials and 
  • a humble place to crash for a little rest and on with creating art.....
Ralph mission is as follows:

"Art brings joy and feelings of hope and my puerto rico is going thru hard times......with art i love to make people feel "Hope"... We are also producing a video to share the experience ...interview local artist and the people of this neighborhoods and hear what they have to express what they think and a very passionate project...please help out....thank you guys ...mad love and respect!!! My softball family!!!! Vale #ARTEóMUERTE"

He loves his country.  I got a feeling the softball gods will approve of this one.

Excellent Ralphie. Good Luck brother

The link below has donation information for Ralph's worthwhile cause:

Painting Paraiso: The PR Art Prjct

"It's More than Just a Game"

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