Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Softball's Ebony and Ivory

The Insider recently had the pleasure of interviewing Softball's version of Ebony and Ivory

Marc Rosenthal and Charlie Bailey

..legends never die.... great interview


  1. A couple of terrific guys who have added a lot of color and laughs to our softball community.

  2. Two idiotic goons! Charlie is a jock sniffing retard!

    1. Don't know if this comment is meant as a ribbing from a friend or the nastiness of some Central Park asshole. But if you are gonna write a comment like that, you should have the courage and the decency to put your name on it!

    2. agreed!!! hide behind Anonymous!! coward! those two gentleman are what legends are made from! if you don't have anything nice to say then shut up!

  3. Must have gotten stricken out by Charlie in a pickup game. To quote the man himself
    "You wanna look at something' go to the zoo."
    Mark and Charlie keep on keeping on.
    JonL #18

  4. These r our living legends? Damn I'm retiring! Lol just kidding ! Stick to being Horrablue Marky. And Charlie just Shaaaat aaaap!

    Ang HK11