Saturday, June 29, 2013

Will Miss You Boss

Sorry I'm late with this one guys, but before I move on to other blogs I want to remember one of my all time favorites James Gandolfini
 who died last week, on my birthday of all days, at the age of 51. Waaaaaaaay too young. 

As everyone knows, Gandolfini brilliantly played Tony Sopranos on one the greatest TV shows of all time. The Sopranos

Beside his outstanding acting ability, what I liked most and found most interesting about him was that in real life he was the complete polar opposite of the vicious crime boss killer he played on TV. He was known as soft spoken, humble, and low key. A mark of an excellent actor is diversity. He will be missed. Can't believe he's gone and what hurts most is that it was on my birthday. Crazy

Ironically, I've sometimes been called Softball's version of Furio Giunta from the legendary TV show the Sopranos for my legendary relentless collection skills up in Inwood. So as a last tribute from Softball Furio check out one of my favorite scenes from the show below

As Furio would say "Stupid fucking Game". It's not more than just a game
Miss you boss.

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  1. Bombers dropped out of BASL. The first shoe has dropped. Get to the bottom of it.