Thursday, July 8, 2010

Softball Lebron Free Agency

Where will Lebron James sign?
That's the #1 question in the sports world today and we will find out tonight at 9pm on ESPN when he makes his much anticipated decision. This got me to thinking what if Lebron played softball? Where would he sign?

Here are the Odds on Possible Softball Destinations for Lebron:

Saphire 1,000,000 to 1 - might go to the strip club, but not a good match

Lawyertime 100,000 to 1 - Can you see Lebron doing a injury commercial?

Knockout 1,000 to 1 - c'mon Lebron ain't going above 96th street

WestLanders 500 to 1 - Lebron can't share the spotlight with Dio

Cardinals 400 to 1 - a very good team that plays below 96th street but Lebron doesn't drink while he is playing and wouldn't fit in

Westies - 350 to 1 - Lebron ain't playing at 9 am

Pershing - 300 to 1 - Jersey City Softball - Unless he signs with the Nets forget Jersey. On that note you can forget any league in Yonkers, Brooklyn (until Nets move there). Queens, and Long Island

Merrili Lynch Softball Wall Street League - 250 to 1 - Lebron might like playing in a corporate league but wouldn't choose Merrill b/c they would expect a grand slam and dunk every at bat.
Bravery - Monday Day league - 175 to 1 - Lebron ain't playing weekday day softball but would consider Bravery if their manager Jack "Bandana Man" Cutler promises to never to bet on him again

Diesel 125 to 1 - Lebron would like the diversity on this team, but for that he would play softball in Cleveland

Choice Parts - 100 to 1 - The Evil Empire is a back to back champion, but that would be like him going to the Lakers. It wouldn't be fair and he wouldn't have the same legacy.

Upton Chiefs 75 to 1- Playing Saturday's in high profile central park would be cool and appealing, but Lebron wouldn't wear that god awful shirt
There are many other choices and softball possibilities for Lebron but only 1 makes sense for me and it is ......
Charter Fabric - "Bob's League"
- 2 to 1 odds under the lights on the new 54th street every Wednesday Night, below 54th street, Bob is the Forbes list of Softball with softball stars like Cedric, Omar (below)

Lebron would be welcomed with open arms.

P.S Let's Go Knicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This shit SUCKS

  2. Hey Rick - How is Lebron's decision like Softball? -- He gets together in the off-season with other superstar friends to try to create a championship dynasty. How can anyone fault him for that.

  3. Fuck LeBron and the heat

  4. F*#k LeBron and the heat

  5. Go Knicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lebron wont take bribes to play with bum friends on a bum league.