Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coming in Da Club though the Back Door

Happy 2010 Everyone.
While I might not kick the new year off as provocatively as J Lo did on new yearsI will do my best to start off the new year right by blogging about the Playoffs.
Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs? No I am not freaking out about the NFL like Jim Mora

rather I wanted to discuss the right way to get into the playoffs in any sport, including softball. It's simple you want to EARN IT. In softball if the other team doesn't show up and you win by forfeit it means nothing. Their is no honor/sense of accomplishment in it
Well, my favorite NFL team the NY Jets essentially got into the playoffs when the Colts and Bengals forfeited their games NFL style by benching all their starters the last 2 weeks. Now don't get me wrong long suffering loyal Jet fans like myself and the crazy fat guy with no shirt on at the game last Sunday (see picture below)
will take it. But no matter what our promising but trash talking head coach says
we could not get into the NFL playoff rope through the front velvet rope door
rather we snuck in through the back door
A while back I blogged that softball was like a club, and the playoffs in any sport represents the ultimate club b/c your in an exclusive group,party with the pretty girls and you need to get your swagger on in order to take down the competition. If you ever sneak into the club you should never talk trash. leave that to Ocho Cinco

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