Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Sb Notes

Just some observation from the past 10 days or so in Softball
  •  Highlanders – for all the talk about them being goons, several players called me after our game the other night to give me positive shout outs.

Very Classy.Hell I even heard John Sheppard heckling and cheering for me on the same play.
  • Speaking of the recently retired John Sheppard

I recently caught up with him as he was relaxing on a Sunday afternoon 

John is too young too retired. He will be back.
  • Bob League isn't the Bob league anymore – 54th street is wide open this year. At least 3-4 top teams with real chances and plenty of teams that can spoil you if you don’t come ready to play. People are into it. Too bad home plate on field 2 is a death trap.
  • 100 At bats – you know where you are after 100 at bats -– If the head is wrong, the body will follow 
  • You get the pulse of which team you play on is hungry and which is not. Same thing with Management. If the head is wrong, the body will follow 
  • Superstar players on Choice Parts don't act like Superstars - they hustle and play hard
  • Speaking of Choice Parts - Check out John Miranda candy store on any given Sunday

I can't believe I used to think Miranda was a bad guy. I was so wrong. Very nice/funny. Beast hitter playing through a tough injury all year. Good taste in music too

- he vibes all day
  • Be careful when your managers says "Wait until all our guys to show up". Sometimes they don't show
  • On the other side of that, be careful when guys complain "We have too many guys". Creates an atmosphere where guys don't root for one another.
  • It's getting late early - Father's Day is the time of year for forfeit avoiders to play. Headcounts are tight. Many teams dig deep now for reinforcements, 
  • Legends in NY Fast Pitch are a team to watch they added Lou 22. 
  • Parity in Big Apple. Any given Sunday
  • There is a line somewhere between stats, eye tests, and instincts – so fine 
  • Gil trying his best to be hated by everyone - and succeeding. Noble Avenue this year has been trying, painful, and disorganized. 
    1975 Score book

Too bad b/c that league has a good thing going.
  • Truest statement ever said “50% of baseball is 90% mental” 
  • Softball gods exists - I see it every day. Respect yourself. Respect the Game.  I saw the best and fastest player in the league the other day hit into a triple play after he failed to hustle after a ball. The softball gods vengeance is cruel and does not discriminate.
  • A better word for Chemistry is Cohesion.
  • Westies morning team is Jekyll and Hide. Good guys though. Glenn R is a class act.
  • Legacy is important, but it's not about what he leave behind. It's about how we live. How we play.
  • What is a slump? 
  • What do you Say to someone you hate - answer nothing
  • I know I'm late but I want to give a shout out to Jack Mulcachy

of the Performing Arts Softball League for being on Fox 5 - Check it out at
  • Old School shout out to the Spurs - great Championship
    There is no school like the Old School

  • Speaking of Old School. Like most Tuesday teams, getting 10 guys to show up is a mission. Tuesday is a fun day to play.  For some reason, obscure Tuesday's are the best escape from reality you can experience.
  • Confidence - Is the most powerful softball steroid you can posses/take
  • I turn 45 today. 

Softball and this blog has brought me so many friends. Thank you


  1. This was one of my favorite blogs ever.
    Happy Birthday my friend.

  2. Funny stuff.
    Candy store is open.

  3. im very upset that you didnt put my rapping skills on display bro!!!

  4. Miranda + cane + music = ghetto baller

  5. Blog away big boy