Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ump Hustle ..."For the Love of the Game".. A Romantic Comedy in the Making

I may be  be tough on umps at times

but I also show love. Speaking of Love today I profile one of NYC best hustling umpires 
Little Lootch.

When Little Lootch wasn't on the run hustling after a play
watching the Runner after a base hit
Back to the Right Spot
In between the action Little Lootch was kind to enough to give me an in game interview to give us insight into his focus

After that Little Lootch was all over the filed
Following Home Plate Ump with his clicker - Professional

In between innings Little Lootch granted me a special interview where he touched upon a variety of important umpire, life, charity and career subjects:


I could see Little Lootch becoming a Romantic comedy in a reboot of the Love of the Game move. This time he falls in love with a female player in a Co-Ed game he's umping. Worst scripts have been written.

More importantly, good ump, good guy, a pleasure to have working in Inwood.


  1. He needs to school Charlie .

  2. Rick, this is the same guy that had a team playing in a rain storm because he didn't want to have to continue the game on another day while only being paid for that game once.

    Nice job Rick.


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