Saturday, September 12, 2009


For a variety of reasons SBI has been silent lately (don't front you know you miss your guilty softball pleasure) ... but the main reason I've been on the blogging hiatus has been the organization, marketing, managing of the fall 2009 Inwood Softball League. Between dealing with the Park's Department Permit Office, umpires, new fields, old fields, groundskeepers, sponsors, new teams, old teams, my team, my players, my ex-players, my ex-team, my manger, my ex-managers, merging teams, dead beat teams etc ... I feel like my head is about to ExplodeAll this begs to ask : Is it worth it? Financially the answer is a resounding NO !!!!!!!! I could make more money, working at McDonald's on a part time basis. However, if I did that I would end up like the guy in the Movie Super Size Me b/c I would eat all the fries :))))))))

What really cracks me up is when people call us greedy, expensive, and ask where all the money goes??? Well rest assured it does not go in our pocket. If we wanted to make money we would umpire, not bring a team, make it a 1-1 league to rush games, cram in as many teams as possible regardless of competitive ability, allow slingers, not take care of the fields, and not give a fuck about the thoughts/opinions of our customers - you know which leagues those are. Anyway, we started the league b/c we love softball and keep the league alive b/c we love playing softball in Inwood. If it sounds like I am trying to justify our league, Well I am...So Super size me a doubleheader and see you at Inwood starting manana .... signed Softball French Fry guy

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  1. Rick, howcomes you havent said shit about the parts winning the big apple? Johnny