Thursday, February 21, 2008

Metal Detector in the Sand

I'm still out there trying to find the right job. Almost 2 months now. Hustling everyday dealing with recruiter Bullshit !! Company Bullshit!!! Economic Bullshit!!!!!!!!!
It's all Bullshit!!!!!!!!
It's ain't easy.

Speaking of not easy, I've been talking to some of my contacts in the softball world and it seems finding a good pitcher also ain't easy (duh - no surprise)

Seeing that I have a lot of time on my hands, it got me to thinking which is tougher:
Finding a good job or finding a good softball pitcher?
Looking for both is like the guy at the beach combing the sand looking for lost treasure or jewelry with a metal detector. Almost impossible.

Let's Compare Top Ten Style

Top Ten Comparison : Finding a Good job vs. Finding a Good pitcher

10. Travel.
Everyone wants a job that's has a short commute.
Most pitchers want to play close to home.
Edge : Work. Taking the train or bus on your own is a lot easier than the random luck associated with finding a pitcher that is willing to travel or lives close by.

9. Atmosphere :
An ideal work environment is one where your work with nice people who want to make money, produce, learn and are not assholes. This combination is very difficult to find.
An ideal pitcher is one that wants to win but isn't an asshole or crazy also very difficult.
Edge Work - Odds of finding normal people at work are better than finding a normal pitcher

8. Work Attire
Business casual or jeans is the way you want to work, but you can't always have your cake and eat it to - it's out of your control.
Unless you play in a mega strict league any kind of fashion usually goes for a player/pitcher so usually it's a non issue.
Edge: Softball Pitcher

7. Benefits/Vacation/Sick Day Policy:
Most employers offer medical, dental, 401K plans, vacation and a few sick days as terms of the employment.
Most stud pitchers want food, car service, favors, and other perks that usually cost you time, money and headaches.
Edge : Work

6. Emerging Markets/Growth Opportunities:
No one wants to be stuck in a dead end job so your looking for something that you can get pumped up for and still pay the bills is ideal, but in this market opportunities are limited.
Most good pitchers want to win and be surrounded by defenders that make them look good which is a lot easier to control.
Edge : Finding a good pitcher

5. Happy Hour :
You want to find a job where people go out for drinks once and a while and blow off steam. It's about 50-50 depending where you work. As for softball pitchers most want to drink or "relax" after games and that’s usually pretty easy and natural to do.
Edge : Finding a good pitcher

4. Technology.
You want to work somewhere where you know the systems and you know they aren't cheap on using cutting edge systems to promote the business.
Softball Pitchers usually don't use modern technology much other than cell phones.
Edge: Work - some stud pitchers don't even have cell phones

3. Hours
You want to find a job where you can work hard but find the right quality of life balance. Again this is very difficult as stress us part of the picture.
Pithcers: You want someone who shows up on time and is able to give you seven strong innings.
Edge : Very Close - Tie

2. Rejection:
Like meeting a hot girl at a bar/club rejection is part of the game.
Both employers and pitchers reject people all the time.
You just gotta find the right one that finally says yes.
Edge : Pitchers - only b/c when a pitcher rejects you it hurts less

and the #1 Comparison between Finding a Good job vs. Finding a Good pitcher

1. Compensation :
In work you want to get paid and so do most good pitchers.
Edge: Work. But it all really depends on your financial situation. But at least at work you’ll be doing something for yourself instead of paying someone else.
Edge: Work $$$

Final Tally:
5-4-Work - man that was disturbingly close


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